ArtimA presents

The first Online International Competition for Young Musicians

10 may - 10 july 2020

"Nouvelles Etoiles" is an international online competition for young musicians aged from 3 to 16 years old whose objective is to discover young talents and support their artistic development despite the Covid-19 crisis.

The competition is taking place from May 20 to July 10, 2020 and is open to several musical specialties:

 - Singing (classical and folk),

- Piano,

- Wind instruments (wood, brass) and

- String instruments.






The Grand Prizes and First Prizes winners will be invited to perform during concerts organized in prestigious halls in France and / or in Russia between February and April 2021, sometimes accompanied by the music chamber orchestra of Novossibirsk (Russia) "Bright Bows".


Applications are open until June 25! 

See all details below and...



Nouvelles Etoiles is organized by ArtimA association with the support of CRD Jean Wiener (Bobigny, France), Opal & Co (Pau, France) and the "Bright Bows" chamber orchestra (Novosibirsk, Russia).



The competition will take place online, by video recording: candidates will have to perform 2 different pieces, lasting 5 to 20 minutes and record their performance using a video camera. It is allowed to play with the scores. We will accept videos made during the 2019-2020 school year, but not those made before September 2019.


The competition will include 2 phases:

1st PHASE:

Selection of candidates and graduates based on their videos. The candidates who receive the highest level of points will be granted the Grand Prizes. 

2nd PHASE:

Winners of Grand Prizes and First Prizes will be invited to perform in concerts in prestigious halls in France and / or in Russia between February and April 2021 (dates may change depending on the global epidemiological situation).
Some of these concerts will be accompanied by the orchestra, notably the Novosibirsk (Russia) chamber orchestra "Bright Bows". 
The concerts may also take place in additional other countries.




Candidates will be able to compete as:

- Soloists

- Instrumental and vocal ensembles (max. 8 participants) and

- Orchestras, large instrumental or vocal ensembles (from 9 participants)

Candidates will be grouped in different categories according to their age:
- Soloists: 3 to 16 years old
- Category A: from 3 to 5 years old
- Category B: from 6 to 8 years old
- Category C: from 9 to 11 years old
- Category D: from 12 to 13 years old
- Category E: from 14 to 16 years old
- Ensembles, orchestras and vocal collectives up to 16 years old included



The diplomas granted by Nouvelles Etoiles are the following:
- Diplomas for the winners of Grand Prizes
- Diplomas for the winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes
- Official Thanks will be attributed to the laureates' teachers
- Participant's Diplomas for those who finish in 4th or 5th place
- All participants will receive a Participation Certificate
- The winners' accompanists will receive a Thank You Letter
The diplomas will be sent electronically.


Nouvelle Etoiles competition prizes are the following :
- Participation in one or more concert(s) in prestigious halls in France and / or in Russia
- Participation in master-classes by renowned teachers
- Prizes and gifts from our sponsors


A series of online conferences and master-classes with the members of the jury and invited experts will be organized in the frame of Nouvelles Etoiles competition and will be in free access for candidates selected by the jury, as well as to their teachers. Teacher trainings will also be offered. All participants in the master-classes will receive a certificate.




The jury of Nouvelles Etoiles is composed of high-level specialists:

- Alexis GALPERINE, professor at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris (violin and pedagogy) and at the American Conservatory of Fontainebleau

- Marina KUZINA, professor at the Novosibirsk Higher Conservatory and emeritus artist in Russia

- Larissa KOLOS, Professor at CRR de Paris and CNSM de Paris, France - Luxembourg

- Maria CHRISTIANY, president of Artima, Professor at the CRD of Bobigny and director of the "Inter Cordes" and "Nouvelles Etoiles" competitions, France

- Xenia GAMARIS-AKEYNIKOVA, quartet and chamber music teacher at the specialized school for gifted children "Gnessin", first violin at the "Rusquartet", Russia

- Vadim LARCHIKOV, head of the strings department and professor at the Higher Institute of Arts of Culture in Belgorod, Russia

- Mila GOREVA, professor of folk song department, emeritus artist in Russia, "Gnessin" Music Academy, Moscow, Russia

- Andrei SHATSKIY, professor of the "Winds" department at the State University named Ippolitov-Ivanov, Moscow, Russia

- Tatiana CHUVAKHINA, Distinguished artist in Russia, lyric and choir, Moscow, Russia

- Dmitry CHUVAKHIN, professor of the "Winds" department at the State University named Ippolitov-Ivanov, Moscow, Russia

- Marianna SHALITAEVA, professor and head of the piano and accompaniment department at the specialized music school for precocious children "Gnessin", honored worker in culture, Moscow, Russia






Applications are open until June 25.

Applicants must send their performances (2 videos of 5 to 20 minutes each) via a Youtube link (or another similar online video service) by e-mail to

The recordings must have taken place in 2020 or at the end of 2019 (not before September 2019).

Video or audio montages are not accepted.


The registration fee is €35 for soloists or €15 for each member of an ensemble. This amount must be paid at the time of registration by bank transfer, Western Union, Paypal ( or Lydia (number for Lydia: +33 (0) 640111847). Western Union contact details can be sent by private message on request.

The bank details for payment by bank transfer are:
Artima Association

Bank: Crédit Agricole d'Ile de France

Bank code: 18206 / Counter code: 00160

Account: 60272841853 / Key: 84

Iban: FR 76 1820 6001 6060 2728 4185 384

With the title "Nouvelles Etoiles + name of the participant"
All registrations are final and non-refundable.

Registration must include, in addition to videos, the following documents:
- The artistic biography of the candidate in French, English or Russian, with the contact of the candidate and his photo
- A scan of the candidate's passport or identity card
- Proof of payment of registration fees

The results will be published on July 10, 2020. The diplomas will be sent electronically.



The competition was attended by 290 young musicians from 37 countries. On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Jury of the contest, we sincerely congratulate the winners and wish them further creative success!

** Nomination WIND INSTRUMENTS ** 

GRAND PRIZE + Special Prize of the Orchestra «Bright Bows» : Plekhanov Gleb, category D, trombone.


- Plekhanov Matvey category D + Special Prize of the Orchestra «Bright Bows»

- Orlovsky Peter, category E + Special Prize of the Orchestra «Bright Bows»

- Gremmer Thomas, catégorie E

- Gamaris Elizabeth, category B

- Andrey Zaitsev, category C + Special Prize of the Orchestra «Bright Bows»

- Ermilin Savva, category D + Special Prize of the Orchestra «Bright Bows»

- Fatykhov Kamil, category E + Special Prize of the Orchestra «Bright Bows»


- Grigorenko Ivan, category C

- Myagkov Ilya, category C

- Rumiz Audrey category C

- Pavlov Nikolay, category B

- Guitton-Grabias, Lou, category E

- Zaitseva Maria, category B

- Zaitsev Andrey, category C

- Voinova Lily, category D


- Moskalev Tikhon, category D

- Zaitseva Maria, category B

- Alekseev Nikita, category D

- Ageev Artyom, category C

- Parfyonov Vladimir, category C

- Vasiliev Rodion, category E

- Kolotilov Roman, category D

- Antonov Mark, category C

- Shkanova Kira, category C

- Kirillova Maria, category D

- Lisun Mikhail, category E


- Utochkin Pavel, category E

- Ismailov Elnur, category E

- Chizhov Ivan, category E


- Kudryavtseva Anastasia, category B

- Shavga Alina, category E


- Armand Brunet, category D


- Shebalin Matvey, category A

- Koshmyakova Sofia, category B

- Gavrilova Eva, category C,


- Bakanov I.A. - soloist of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia under the direction of Vladimir Spivakova, teacher at the Central Music School at Moscow State Conservatory named P.I. Tchaikovsky

- I.I. Maloshtanov - Honored Artist of Russia, soloist of the National Russian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Spivakov, teacher at the Central Music School at Moscow State Conservatory named P.I. Tchaikovsky

- Poznansky Petr Dmitrievich, Odessa College of Arts named K. F. Dankevich

- Alexander Posiker, Moscow Special Musical School (College) named after Gnessin

- Prischepa A.A., Moscow Special Musical School (College) James after Gnessin

- Brazhnikov A.P., Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, GBUDO of Moscow "Children's Music School named after W.A. Mozart"

The members of the Organizing Committee of Nouvelles Etoiles noted:

- Vocational training of participants corresponds to the level and requirements of participants to international competition from educational institutions of primary and secondary level;

- With great success, distance learning courses for teachers of musical disciplines and accompanists were conducted.

** Nomination VOCALS ** 


- Shtepa Semyon

- Sozonenko Sofya

- Vocal Quartet "Ellegia"

- Elizaveta Veselina-Larchikova


- Kozlova Catherine

- Pedestrian Artem

- Sibileva Kira


- Marynyak Sofia


- Clown Miron

- Konstantinov Todor


- Lapina, N.N. MBU DO "Children's School of Arts No. 1 of the city of Belgorod"



1.Mirella Ziegler, Maxim Bergeron


1. A. Kordon, D. Motuz, M. Stepanishcheva

2. Kokorina S., Verba I.

3. Lord of the Strings

4. Raffael et Lena- Lisa Rosa

5. E. Veselina-Larchikova, S. Sazonenko


1. Voloshchuk V., Starodub A.

2. Meglena et Matej Georgiev

3. Rita Ferreira, Antonio Cortesao.


1. Pedro Baptista, Francisco Santos


1. Elegy in the Forget-Me-Nots

2. Novoselova A. and E., Siverskaya

3. Rui Marques, Margarida Simoes


1. Khoroshavin V., Zagoruyko A.


1. Francisca Neves Silva, Joao Nuno Dias da Costa

2. Luisa Filipe, Teresa Luis

** Nomination: CELLO **



- Sorokina Sofia, category C + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Alex Grigoryan, category D + Special Prize of the Orchestra "Bright Bows" + Special Prize "Inter Cordes"

- Gureeva Daniella, category D + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Yakovlev Arkadiy, category E + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"


- Jalala Ismayilzade, category B

- Maria Fedorova, category B

- Itpayeva Daria, category E

- Tamara Slutsker, category E

- Magnus Franyo, category E


- Arseniy Kovalev, category D

- Papagiannopoulos Ioannis, category D

- Benjamin Branson, category C


- Pribylov Ilya, category C


- Sofia Ludovica Vigano, category C

- Borisova-Nesterenko Ljudmila, category C


- Zelinskaya E.Yu., MBOU DO "Children's Music School N ° 3"

- Sargsyan T.K. Music School named after Art. Jrbashyan, Yerevan

- Borovskaya E.V., IEC, Krasnodar

** Nomination: VIOLIN **



- Andrei Slobodyanyuk category B + Special Orchestra Prize "Bright Bows"

- Rubin Liya, category B

- Arina Krasnova, category B

- Plekhanova Ekaterina, category B

- Lena-Lisa Rosa, category B Special Prize of the Orchestra "Bright Bows"

- Lyalin Maria, category C

- Marianna Pazhik category C + Special Prize of the Orchestra "Bright Bows" + Special Prize "Inter Cordes"

- Nikolai Bergeron, category C

- Alexandra Chekalenko, category C + Special Prize of the Orchestra "Bright Bows" + Special Prize "Inter Cordes"

- Hasanli Sura, category C + Special Prize of the Orchestra "Bright Bows" + Special Prize "Inter Cordes"

- Anna Krasnova, category C + Special Prize of the Orchestra "Bright Bows" + Special Prize "Inter Cordes"

- Deng Zheng Ping, category D + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows".

- Medvedko Violetta, category D + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows".

- Sofia Melnik, category D

- Andrey Akinfin, category D + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows".

- Dmitry Kucherenko, category D + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows".

- Mirella Ziegler, category E + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows" + Special Prize "Inter Cordes"

- Shou Ishikawa, category E

- Plakhtsin Sofia, category E

- Ozcan Jabbari, category E + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"


- Farhadzade Dilshad, category A

- Nika-Ruotong Zhu, category B

- Rubtsov Svyatoslav, category B

- Alyssa Ooi, category B

- Kravchenko Polina, category B

- Uliana Lyman, category B

- Chen Yee Yeung, category C

- Diana Viktoria Cel, category C

- Wieleńska Anna, category C

- Veselina-Larchikova Yelyzaveta category C

- Nikita Evgeny Koller, category C

- Eremeev Ilya, category D

- Sinitsky Maxim, category E

- Hovhannisyan Mane category C

- Sophie Branson category E + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"


- Agata Avdyukova, category B

- Maira Schiele, category B

- Franciszek Idzik, category C

- Leonardo Waflar Noguero, category C

- Sultan Karimov, category C

- Liliana Derkach, category C

- Nemchuk Anna, category D

- Sofia Dontsova, category D

- Cui Ge Qi, category E

- Karina Rostovtseva, category E

- Maitena Paillet Liceaga, category E


- Nedorezov Mark, category A

- Benjamin DU, category B

- Zoi Degtiareva, category B

- Nurlankyzy Adel, category B

- Ethan Daniel Lee, category C

- Jasmine Liang Tianxin, category C

- Whelan Rumika, category C

- Auyelbekov Maxim, category C

- Bespala Polina, category C

- Asker Adia, category C

- Ivaneko Liubow, category D

- Baraniuk Kateryna, category E

- Almatova Malika, category E

- Cheung Yu Suen, category E

- Nurai Ryskulova, category E


- Shcherbynska Mariia, category C


- Obermeyer Corentin, category B

- Grigoryan Igor, category C

- Rakhmatullaeva Janelle, category C

- Yasmin Iskakova, category C

- Onaeva Diana, category D

- Alipbayeva Aiganym, category D

- Berestov Ilya, category D

- Bekbolat Medina, category E

- Kuznetsova Polina, category E

** Nomination PIANO **



- Hayk Julhakyan, category B + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Charissa Ooi, category C + Special Orchestra Prize "Bright Bows"

- Daniel Jusid, category C- + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows".

- Darius Emanuel Mot, category C + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Nikodem Zalewski, category C + Orchestra Special Prize "Shiny Bows"

- Tereza Verzun-Rolinger, category C, + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Petr Ivanov, category C - + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Ilona Remezova, category C + Special Prize of the Orchestra "Bright Bows"

- Ashot Mkhitaryan, category D + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Maxim Francesco Zoni, category D + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Grushetskiy Lev, category D + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Thao Nguyen Nguyen, category D + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Alexander Posikera, category D + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Finkel Asaf, category D + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Petru Alexandru Burcea, category E + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Michael Nagel category E + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Elisabetta Galindo, category E + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Sofya Antipova, category E + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Davnis Olga, category E + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Orlov Fedor, category E + Orchestra Special Prize "Bright Bows"

- Smetanin Vladislav, category E + Orchestra Special Prize "Bight Bows"


- Larin Alexei, category A

- Galushkina Alexandra, category B

- Arman Zakoyan, category B

- Daniil Anapolsky, category C

- Konstantin Kuzmin, category C

- Maria Goloshevskaja, category C

- Maria Shevchenko, category C

- Tatiana Marchuk, category D

- Adrien Guy-Duché, category D

- Ksenia Davnis, categoryD

- Manuel Nicolas Margineanu, category D

- Alexandra Bayak, category D

- Ilona Anikeenko, category E

- Zhong Jiafu, category D

- Hoang Léo, category B, special price "Our hopes"

- Pugovkin Grigori, category B

- Skorobogataya Taisia, category B

- Bobrovskiy Dmitri, category B

- Emmi Nazaryan, category C

- Selivanenko Vera, category C

- Isyp Julia, category C

- Smirnova Viktoria, category C

- Maria Shevchenko, category C

- Begalieva Samira, category D

- Bekshaeva Lia, category D

- Vardazaryan Viktoria category D

- Kapitonov Semen, category D

- Maslenikova Diana, category D

- Ohrimenco Nicole, category D

- Sobko Anastasia-Ivanna, category D

- Soputniak Volodimir, category D

- Shulaeva Ekaterina, category D

- Ariel Yaron, category E

- Chen Yi Xin, category E

- Tagieva Leyla, category E

- Dmitro Gavriliuk, category E

- Kadri Meitus, category E

-Tymoteusz Zalewski, category E

-Matas Stabingis, category E

- Manuel Cortesao, category E

- Marien Femerling,category E

- Pedro Baptista, category E

- Lapteva Valentina, category E

- Kokorina Sofia, category E

- Selianko Sofia, category E

- Sozonenko Sofia, category E

- Tsvetkov Andrei,category E


- Asryan Asthik category B

- Chalova Sophia category B

- Yanbo Ren category B

- Dumitrașcu Mădălina category C

- Dulati Leah category C

- Zakharenko Elizabeth category C

- Isyp Yulia - Isyp Yuliia category C

- Halasheuskaya Maryia category C

- Voronov Nazar category C

- Tushak Alexandra category C

- Graur Laurențiu category C

- Hryhorenko Oleksandra category C

- Rita Leonor Ferreira category D

- Maksimova Polina category D

- Ciuntu Carolina category D

- Miranda Lemoine Moreno category E

- Trofymchuk Kristina category E

- Sannikova Daria category E

- Dolmatova Polina category E

- Zhizhilkin Gregory category E + special prize "Our Hopes"

- Kartuzov Yurii category E

- Markina Alyona category E

- Shabalina Elena category E


- Reshetova Margarita category B

- Nadezhda Natalchenko category B

- Razumovskoy Barbara category B

- Muntean Antonia Bianca category C

- Onyshchenko Hanna category C

- Gilin Neta category C

- Cortesao Antonio Rui category D

- Pedro Gundana category D

- Ermolaev Eugene category D

- Matiuk Sofiia category D

- Zamostean Nikita category D

- Shevchuk Alina category D

- Rui Miguel Marques category E

- Kadurin Ekaterina category E

- Sarbanova salima category E


- Alexey Natalchenko category A

- Polyatskoy Evgraf category B

- Serova Victoria category B

- Akhantyeva Alisa category B

- Daniel Malarkey category C

- Francisca Neves Silva category C

- João Nuno Dias category C

- Leo fousse category C

- Leonor Filipe category C

- Yasmin Iskakova category C

- Rodionova Sofia category C

- Parsadanova Alice category C

- David Nycolle-Rebecca category D

- Margarida Simões category E


- Ignateva Maria category B

- Aikaterina Sarkisian category C

- Kristina Ermachenko category C

- Kulbatskaya Daria category C

- Sayadyan Nazeli category C

- Svetlana Lavrova category C

- Ikonnikova Anastasiia category C

- David Danielyan category C

- Tatiana Diadiaeva category C

- Andriana Kouklada category D

- Diogo Alcobia category D

- Maria Lapa Silva category D

- Maria Teresa Bento Ventura Luis category E

- Luísa Filipe category E

- Santos Francisco Miguel category E


- Ksenia Ermachenko category C

- Olga Fotiadou category C

- Sofiya Zyryanova category C

- Philipp Chernitskiy category C

- Alisa Kishenkova category E

- Germain Marc category E

- Anzhelika Magnitskaya category E

** Nomination: HARP **

1st PRIZE: Kurlovich Kseniya, category D

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